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We have all witnessed the growth of craft beers, craft wines and now crafts spirits. Craft and Artisan Spirits are trendy and so trendy that many brands are claiming to be craft brands or handmade in small batch etc. Even mega large distributors/wholesalers have started ‘artisan’ and ‘craft spirit’ portfolio and sales departments.

However, I have mostly personally witnessed a bandwagon effect and a me-too follow up on this.

Fictitious Flavored Spirits

Fictitious Flavored Spirits

Within the past months a few brands have been under scrutiny about the true statement of being small-batch or craft made. All in all it is catchy marketing and it is hard to decipher what is crafty or handmade or not. At some stage someone had to use their hands in the process and therefore …

In closely watched case, Tito’s plans to contest lawsuit against its “handmade” claim says  Shanken News Daily.
Drinks marketers are likely reevaluating their label claims in the wake of a lawsuit against Tito’s Handmade Vodka for the 1.3-million-case brand’s claim of being “Handmade.” The suit, filed September 15 2014 in San Diego Superior Court.

A pair of class-action lawsuits filed this month against craft distillers has exposed what many consider the worst-kept secret in craft distilling: Despite the marketing, most liquor is factory-made”says The Denver Post.

Whisky and American Whiskey /Bourbon are faced with the same dilemma: huge demand growth and limited amount of producers, hence the growing number of bottlers trying to claim all kind of things.

For this matter, ‘cognac’ benefits from a strict controlled appellation. Not only the grapes, but the way the grapes are crushed, the fermentation process, distillation, etc. and another 1000 things are regulated to ensure the quality of the claims. Eventually ALL cognac is by definition produced in small-batch and handmade. However, since 90% or more is blended and distributed by a few brands the end result is mostly processed through large standardizing factories to ensure a repeatable product day after day.

My recommendation read the article from The Denver Post asap!

Source: Shanken News Daily and The Denver Post

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