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How could a small business go viral?

There are 1000s of businesses which everyday are spending time to communicate and to create campaigns in hope that they go viral some day. Getting the buzz is the dream of so many entrepreneurs like.

You hear about it all the time, however, it is like the lottery we know there are winners but it does not seem to happen so often. The reality of viral marketing is that it does not happen often at all, but it happens!

Stephen Cronk, owner of Mirabeau in Provence, France was able after more than 200 videos to catch the eyes of more than 8 million viewers with a short little video on how to open a bottle of wine with nothing else than the bottle and 1 shoe. Always keep it short 50 seconds.

Stephen says his videos are not serious but they are engaging and talk about practical things whereas its competitors’ videos are over prepared and dull. It takes his wine seriously but more importantly he nurtures his communication with his consumers in hope that his story captivates people enough that they try to share it with other people.

Differentiate by being authentic and consequently engaging. His story is simple but many people can relate to it: being an English man in south of France with his wife and three children. Not so unique after all! Hennessy, Martell, Remy Martin, etc. that is more or less how it started centuries ago.


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