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What’s old eventually becomes new again as one would say. Cognac, Calvados, Chartreuse, … and other great products not specifically starting with Cs are starting to be favored by mixologists looking for original and quality products which were once upon a time key ingredients used by bartenders.

Mixology and Bottle of Cognac

Mixology and Bottle of Cognac

Hence, French brandies, which have been perceived as too sweet or too expensive are slowing getting traction back into trendy bars in the US.

But what is French brandy? It is both (1) a specific product and (2) a large category.

(1) French Brandy is a Specific Product = a distilled wine made in France,

and (2) French Brandy is a Large Category =  Armagnac, Calvados, any fruits’ brandy, Marc de Bourgogne, Marc de Champagne, and obviously COGNAC.

Cognac is the most famous French Brandy but not the only one.

The cocktail renaissance and the growing curiosity for other products other than Vodkas, Bourbons, Rums, and etc. is giving French brandy a boost in bar menus. However, these products are for the most parts produced within strict government regulations and with more demand than supply which make their prices increasingly less affordable for mixing, but yet still relevant for the discerning palates.

Source: New York Times

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