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I hear that a Bordeaux wine estate is using its Sauternes wine to produce an aperitif drink to be mixed with Perrier water.

The Cathiard family of Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte is to launch a light Sauternes wine called ‘So Sauternes’ made from one of its newly acquired estate.

‘SO Sauternes’ has been described as a modern-style Sauternes made from young vines in a light style, and is aimed at being mixed with Perrier and ice.

So Sauternes

So Sauternes

Already there is the plan to get a high speed train through the region now with this kind of product people are worried it might hurt the image of Sauternes wines. Perhaps it is all about staying hype and recycle the different generations.

SoSAU for the younger generations and Sauternes for the same people when they get to be older.

Perhaps there is an idea here for Pineau-des-Charentes, the not ‘So’ trendy aperitif sweet wine mixer!


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