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Following Hennessy’s artistic collaboration with OS GEMEOS, FUTURA, SHEPARD FAIREY, KAWS, KESH BURROWS, to name a few, Hennessy now welcomes American contemporary artist Ryan McGinness as the designer of the new Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle. Influenced and inspired by his life experiences and the frantic energy of New York City, McGinness transforms public signage, logos, and icons into fine art. Elements of his renowned Black Holes series are at the heart of the reimagined label, as bright colors radiate to embody the Maison’s Art of Blending.

Hennessy VS McGinness

Hennessy VS McGinness

Very colorful and more feminine than some other editions, perhaps a little more geometrical and electric rock n’roll than some others, sort of a blend of KAWS and FUTURA. A blend? That makes sense!

Another important bit is that the labels glow at night making the presentation even more dramatic.

Source: Hennessy Tumblr

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