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Now consumers are increasingly questioning the origins of the ingredients found in mass-produced spirits and are looking at more craft spirits, in hope of finding more accountability and more sustainable solutions. Hence, “Demand for all things ‘craft’ and local has stretched beyond beer into spirits” says The Guardian.

While not officially defined by the industry, single-estate spirits – also known as “farm to bottle” spirits – are generally understood to be products created using most, if not all, ingredients sourced from a single area of land. The brands producing such spirits are unique in their decision not to use neutral grain spirit (NGS) to bump up volume – a regular occurrence at both large and small distilleries.

Single estate spirits, on the other hand, conduct almost all stages of production on site, including growing, fermenting, malting, distilling, maturing, bottling and labelling.

Typical brands of Single Estate Spirits include:

. Arbikie Highland Estate

. Chase Distillery

. Cognac Philbert

. Maison Monteru Single Grape Brandy

. Vestal Vodka

Cognac Philbert Dovecote

Cognac Philbert Dovecote

These brands represent an emerging category that focuses on provenance, a concept traditionally associated with wine.

Source: The Guardian

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