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Grand Marnier unveils latest bottle design.

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge has unveiledits 13th limited edition bottle design – Le Café Parisien.

Marnier Cordon Rouge Cafe Parisien

Marnier Cordon Rouge Cafe Parisien

The Parisian café scene has seduced the world for centuries, and these hidden gems of the Ville Lumière are the inspiration behind the Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge new limited edition bottle.

Le Café Parisien is the latest addition to Grand Marnier’s limited edition collection, which was established in 1927 to pay tribute to its Parisian heritage.

Dressed in Grand Marnier’s iconic vibrant red, and adorned with an intricate golden pattern, Le Café Parisien is designed to echo the flamboyance of the Parisian café scene and capture the spirit of early twentieth century Paris, a time when many famed cafés and palaces were put on the map.

This was the decade in which the classic, contemporary cocktails of today were created, such as the Cosmopolitan, which put the spotlight on the exotic, tangy orange flavour of Grand Marnier and seduced people all over Europe.

The Parisian café scene of today draws upon the splendour of the past and combines it with the energy of today’s mixologists, baristas and chefs. This is something that Grand Marnier has tried to capture in its new bottle.

The Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge Le Café Parisien bottle launched in October 2015 during the show at TFWA Cannes and is the 13th addition to Grand Marnier’s limited edition collection.

Source: The Drinks Report

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