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A Bordeaux winemaker is using its sauvignon blanc grapes to craft beers.

Château Verdus in the Entre-deux-Mers region of Bordeaux might not be the first name that comes to your mind when you think of Bordeaux wines, but they are the first to produce beers from fruit based brand of beer sourcing grapes from the region, called La Biére des Vendanges, translated into English = ‘beer harvest’.

Biere des Vendanges

Biere des Vendanges

‘Craft beer’ and micro-breweries are all the craze at the moment and why not making beers with their grapes. Not so easy because it entails different equipments and very different techniques.

They did not stop making wines but it is just that they are looking out to making other things that might be interesting and why not surprising.

Now, since they are making beer, when will they start making “whisky” from these and call it ‘whisky of grapes’.

Sorry I am getting confused!

Sources: The Drinks Business, Chateau Verdus

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