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In an excellent post from The Drinks Report, we learn that ‘driving luxury, exclusivity and premiumisation’ is not just about having great products in a great pack, it is also about creating consumer experiences.

Pernod Ricard Prestige Travel Brands

Pernod Ricard Prestige Travel Brands

Newly appointed Manager for the consumer market for all Pernod Ricard Travel Retail, Cristina Carmueja talks about the 5 tenants of premiumisation.

  1. Brand Innovation:  innovate in every category and even create new categories, by tapping into different consumer needs.
  2. Consumer Experiences: consumers are looking for unique experiences they can get only in one place.
  3. Exclusive Products: limited editions are really important for us. They differentiate travel retail from domestic markets, but not only that, they allow to offer consumers a product that is unique. engaging the consumers, either through the activation we create at point of purchase or through the way we talk about our products.
  4. Exclusive Packagings: the purchase is made on shelf within three/five seconds – so you have to catch the eye. Special Martell 300th anniversary packs, or a beautiful gift bag with Globetrotter (the travel company).
  5. Partnership: making co-branding partnership with another brand. Exemple, designed by X, made by X, or partnership with the specific store in this airport. For instance, having an exclusive with a retailer for three months to make it quite unique to that airport.

Source: The Drinks Report, Pernod-Ricard Travel Brands



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