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Here are quotes from the 2015 Newsletter sent by K&L wines ( at the end of 2015 to thousands of followers.
They are predicting Brandy to become the next best thing in the spirit category.

In particular, they are very enthusiastic about Copper & Kings Brandy from Kentucky.

I found K&L Wines to be a good source for trends in the US for Spirits.

K&L Wines Logo

K&L Wines Logo

===> David Driscoll, K&L Spirits Buyer, said:
“Welcome to the biggest story of 2015 for the K&L spirits department—the discovery of an incredible new distillery right smack in the heart of Louisville, Kentucky.
That is Copper & Kings Brandy.
As you may or may not know, we’ve immersed ourselves in the world of French brandy over the past few years. We’ve been traveling to Cognac and Armagnac, working directly with small producers … The reaction has been quite positive from spirits fans across the nation and it was exactly that commotion that caught Joe Heron’s attention. He’d been following our foray into grape-distillates with close attention, hoping that one retailer out there would understand the incredible value that brandy possessed. You see, Joe had started a micro-distillery in the middle of Kentucky that made brandy instead of Bourbon.
The next big thing is here, spirits fans.
It’s a brandy that will change the way you think about brandy. It’s a brandy that will change the way you think about spirits in general.”

===> David Orthenin-Girard, Spirit Buyer, said:
“Maybe it’s those big old pot stills or just the Kentucky Magic, but this is brandy that will change your mind about the whole category.”

Copper & Kings Brandy, Made in USA, Kentucky

Copper & Kings Brandy, Made in USA, Kentucky

===> Ryan Woodhouse, Spirit Specialist, said:
” If this was Bourbon it would be three times the price and sold out…don’t sit around waiting for shortage to end (it’s gonna be a long time comin’) get with the program and drink smart.”

===> Heather Vander Wall, Spirit Specialist, said:
“I love it when I find an unexpected spirit that changes my conception of the category.”

Source: K&L Wines


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