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Last week, Hennessy Cognac unveiled one of its newest creation to a limited number of selected customers via email.

Hennessy ‘8’.

Hennessy 8 - Edition 250th Anniversary designed by Arik Levy

Hennessy 8 – Edition 250th Anniversary designed by Arik Levy

Only a few thousands people received direct communication from Hennessy that 100 bottles of the 250 bottles limited production Hennessy 8 would be released for $40,000 each. The limited edition bottles were designed by Anik Levy a designer from Paris who had previously worked with Hennessy in 2012 on a limited edition oversized bottle of Hennessy XO.

The Hennessy ‘8’ marks the 250th anniversary of Hennessy’s establishment in Cognac in 1765 which was celebrated last year in 2015, but particularly in June with multiple amazing events. The crystal bottle is produced by Lalique and it is representing a rather standard bottle used in the cognac trade when producers exchange samples of cognac for the sake of creating blends, with multiple circles surrounding the bottle to remind of the circles one will find around a cask.

Perhaps more impressive is the packaging which is made of layered thin piece of woods which opens of the left and right of the bottle to leave a small crack in the middle when the box is closed reminescent of the Charente river running accross the whole Cognac region in south west of France.

The box, almost as large as a chest really also includes a drawer with multiple tools to allow for a very elegant ceremonial to serve the cognac. Altogether the cognac weights 60kg or about 150 pounds!

Arik Levy made a real masterpiece with these and one can see that he has a very strong opinion on design and materialism in this video.

The purchase of this cognac also gives the owner many perks such as 2 business class plane tickets from wherever to go as a special guests to visit Hennessy Cognac and get extra pampered.

This incredible extravaganza also marks the change of hands between Yann Fillioux and his nephew Renaud Fillioux taking over the cellar management of Hennessy as the tradition has been that the cellar management be given to a ‘Fillioux’ since the 1800s.

In fact, Yann contributed to 7 of the blends and Renaud added the 8th blend.

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