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The Centre international des spiritueux (CIDS) (International Centre for Spirits) in Segonzac, close to the city of Cognac in the heart of the Cognac region is a phenomenon!

Centre International des Spiritueux (Cognac)

Centre International des Spiritueux (Cognac)


Because its purpose is to prepare future managers of wine & spirits related businesses:

. Wine business: vineyards production & general management…

. Spirit business: distillery and general management, else…

. Others: packaging, technology, coppering, distillation, logistics, lab & analyses, legals, …

Now that the region is named “The Spirit Valley” in association to the coined “Silicone Valley” in California, one would expect like in California to have a university pole (i.e., Stanford). Lire le concept de Spirit Valley.

Until recently there was not much but now with the CIDS it is all happening.

The region has a huge potential and it has a great know-how which once structured could fuel further growth in the area. Cognac region represents 25% of the spirits production in France and 15% of the employment.

The degree is a license (Bac +3 years) and a Master (Bac +5 years), jointly worked through the University of Poitiers, the Centre Universitaire de la Charente and CIDS.

Specializing in this field is particularly salient mostly when one can see that the degree offers specific subjects such as ‘how to promote your sales & brand’ or ‘wine & spirits start-up’, “how to start your micro-distillery’ and that these programs are open to current managers for continuous learning and e-education is being put together, see direct link here.

International Centre for Spirits
37, rue Gaston Briand – BP 30037
16130 SEGONZAC – France
Tel : 00 33 (0)
Fax : 00 33 (0)

President : Pierre SZERSNOVICZ
Director : Quitterie FOURQUET
Documentation : Stéphanie Davis
Surveillance Manager : Antoine BOCHEUX
Secretary : Christelle AUGIER

Sources: University of Poitiers, IAE Poitiers,  Centre Universitaire de la Charente, CIDS, Charente Libre

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