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Thierry Picoulet shares 2 passions: one for the rare and finest spirits and the other for small scale cars.

In his store, ‘Les Charentes en Boutique’ in Jazennes next to Gemozac and Pons in (Charente Maritime), Mr. Picoulet has one of the most exciting collection of fine wine & spirits in the region. In particular he has a huge amount of rare whiskies from around the world, and some of the lesser known brands of cognac but also many wines which are considered ‘cult wines’.

Thierry Picoulet et Charentes en Boutique

Thierry Picoulet et Charentes en Boutique

This is downstairs, now step upstairs to find a collection of small scale cars which will take you over 1 hour to look through. Norev, Dinky Toys, Majorette, Britains, Matchbox, etc. Some smaller some bigger, there is enough to make any adults want to return being a kid.

Thierry Picoulet, Charentes en Boutique

Thierry Picoulet, Charentes en Boutique

Read Sud Ouest newspaper earlier article on his small scale car collections.

Bienvenue en Charente Maritime chez Thierry Picoulet au magasin ‘Les Charentes en Boutique’. En bas tout pour Papa, des vins et spiritueux haut-de-gamme, et en haut pour les grands enfants une collection de miliers de petites voitures, certaines des repliques d’autres des models d’origine: Norev, Majorette, Britains, Matchbox, etc.

Prevoyer 3 heures si vous etes un mordu!

La Petite Foy – 17260 JAZENNES
Tél.: – Courriel :


Sources: Sud Ouest

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