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Since 2011, we have accomplished a lot with close to 1000 posts and close to 300 thousands of visitors to our Blog.

We thank you for your support and loyalty in reading our news.

Today, we have become a premier source for news related to everything to do with ‘cognac’ and ‘brandy’.

As a result, we are changing our name from ‘Cognac Paradis’ which was the original inspiration for this blog, that is a very a very niche description on the excellence and detail views on cognac. That is to say, the ‘paradis’ is the ultimate cellar where the rarest cognacs are left to age for sometimes more than 100 years.

Cognac Paradis becomes Cognac Daily News

Cognac Paradis becomes Cognac Daily News

Now with Cognac Daily News we hope to expand with wider audiences interested to get cognac daily updated news, and in addition, we are opening to any other kinds of brandies as we are growing an interest in the full brandy category, that is the distillation of fermented fruits.

Cheers and Thank you again for your past and now future support!

Franck Vigneron

Editor in Chief, Cognac Daily News

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