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Hennessy is trying to capitalize on the bourbon whiskey boom by making a cognac that emulates the tasting notes of a bourbon, a new cognac called the ‘Master Blender’s Selection’ = MBS.

According to adult beverage research firm IWSR, sales of super-premium bourbon increased 28.8 percent from 2011 to 2015. Meanwhile, comparable cognac sales increased 9.5 percent.

A more biting 43 percent ABV, a distillation with high levels of lees, not just fermented juice but skins too. Tastings show more spices and long finish with candied apricot and almond notes, and rugged square bottle shape.

Hennessy MBS 1, Bourbon Like

Hennessy MBS 1, Bourbon Like

Another particularity of MBS, is that these cognacs are supposed to be one-off production. This goes against the tradition of making consistent cognac made the same year-after-year.

This is a great idea, and I expect a number 2 and 3 and so forth…

Master Blender’s Selection No. 1 will be available in 375ml ($45) and 750ml ($80) sizes, with a total case run of 9,300, sold exclusively in the U.S. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

Source: Bloomberg

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