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Rémy Martin Cognac is hosting an interactive experience which will allow the guests to immerse in the universe of Rémy Martin and its One Life & Live Them lifestyle.

This interactive experience is called “La Maison Rémy Martin”.

La Maison Remy Martin Logo

La Maison Remy Martin Logo

It is starting from late October to late November in 3 cities: New York, Chicago, and then Los Angeles .

The experience will consist in giving you a view into cognac; from the grapes on the vine, to the blending process, to the magical cellars where cognac is aged.

You will discover the century’s old artisanship behind cognac making with a contemporary lens through curated workshops and interactive programming.

The objective: get the millennials, largest drinking age group to experience the authenticity and quality of craftmanship needed to make cognac. They will learn about (1) Terroirs, (2) People and (3) Time.

Drinking cognac is an experience and a lifestyle.


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This entry was posted on October 28, 2016 by in Consumer Issues, Remy Martin.
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