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South Africa makes many brands of ‘pot still brandy’, have you heard of Poblaas?

5 years, 8 years, 13 years and 20 years old aged and matured brandy.

Boplaas Brandy from South Africa

Boplaas Brandy from South Africa

Boplaas’ distilling heritage dates back to 1880, when current owner, Carel Nel’s great-great grandfather, Daniel Nel, exported his first consignment of fine Boplaas Brandy to England. In those days they transported the barrels of brandy by ox wagon to Worcester and from there to Cape Town by train and then by ship to London.
Boplaas also became the first cellar to release an Estate Brandy in 1994 after the change in legislation in 1989.
“Our angel’s share is very high with the dry weather we have. The angels are very thirsty and every night they have a party in our brandy cellar, but this helps us produce rich brandies.”
Carel Nel – cellar master/ owner is a member of the prestigious Cape Winemaker’s Guild and is the only member to produces a brandy worthy enough for the annual Guild Auction.

The Colombar grapes are picked at 18B with an high acidity (as in Cognac). Fermentation 15 – 16C. Fine aromas from Colombar. Left on the lease for malolactic fermentation before distillation for more complexity. Distilled in an old (100 year old) Santagans Copper still. Double distillation t0 70% alcohol and aged in French oak barrels.

Source: Poblaas

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