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The “Cognac Enterprise” is made up of about 16,800 active individuals, which accounts for over 50% of the active general agricultural population in France.

2014, 2015 and now 2016 mark a constant growth for the sales of cognac.

Image to Illustrate Cognac Sales in 500 years

Image to Illustrate Cognac Sales in 500 years

That is growth +6% in volume and +6,8% in monetary value, still fueled by the USA which is making close to 42% of the overall sales for the past 25 years with 74,1 millions of bottles sold in 2016.

More than 98% is exports with 179,1 millions of bottles sold in 2016, was 168,9 millions in 2015. I can still remember not long ago when we were saying that 120 million bottles was a lot!!

Total sales in 2016 equal 2,76 milliards d’euros compare to 2,6 milliards en 2015.

North America comprises 77,3 millions of bottles with +14,2% in sales volume, and 14,3% in value.

Asia is the second market with 51,1 millions bottles sold, that is +1% in volume and +3% in value. This situation confirms the stability recovered in 2015 after the 2014 decline period.

Africa and Oceania are showing great potential for growth with 11,3 millions of bottles sold, comprising 6,3% of the total sales, but with significant growth:
. +5,4 % in volume
. +5,1% in value

In contrast, the European market shows a slight decline of -1,2% in volume, and -1% in value. But still 39,4 millions of bottles were sold in Europe.

Looking at the sales in using the 3 basic qualities is interesting:

. VSOP sales are stable.

. VS = +9,6 % in volumee and  +13,0 % in value.

. XO and Older = +11,7 % in volume and +8,3 % in value which is a little scary because not sustainable.

Sources: Charente Libre, BNIC

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