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This blog is about spirits and in particular cognac, but I could not help but to want to share with you this news about a different type of spirit this time.

CNN in a recent articles report that “When it comes to customer satisfaction among airline passengers, Spirit Airlines ranks dead last.”

I wonder why?

My suggestion is do not try to find out why. Just Google them and/or read this article from CNN. I think Spirits Airlines qualify for the ‘not to do list’ for pretty much everything when it comes to customer services. There is just none and whatever services they have, it seems they try harder to make it to a point that you promise yourself not to use them again.

It is too bad, it does not have to be this way.

Virgin America was great but it is almost gone when I write this blog, Delta Airlines is OK, and I would agree that Jet Blue is often good or more. It can be done. Just try harder and use the airlines as a ‘Mystery Shopper’ regularly so you can identify changes. From good to bad there are often times very small details to cover.

Source: CNN

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