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Brandy Morpheus, Produced and sold in India

Brandy Morpheus, Produced and sold in India

There are many brands of brandy we do not know, and in particular brands made in countries like India which brands we may not be familiar with, but still sells in millions of bottle. The most sold brown spirits are whisky, followed by brandy and then rum. India has a large production of whiskies and brandies.

Morpheus Brandy is a 1 million case brand sold and produced in India. It is owned by Indian drinks group Radico Khaitan.

It is described as “A brandy that is blended in the land of maharajas and nawabs. Containing the texture of warm soils and fragrant scents and all the richness of tropical weather, this brandy is bottled liquid gold. With its opulent copper tone and lush aroma.” Commercial description.

I am curious to where exactly do they get the wines to distill this brandy from?

India has a huge consumption of brandy, but brandy only made in India at this time.

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