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Remy Martin in Africa, Ghana

Remy Martin in Africa, Ghana

Cognac Remy Martin is like many of the major cognac houses investing in Africa.

In a recent article in Ghana Web, they discuss red carpet events in Ghana and in this article they make a very interesting presentation of Remy Martin which I am re-posting here.

===> Cognac Remy Martin is rooted in 6 core pillars:

1) Rooted in winegrowing
1724 marked the beginning of Rémy Martin, the only major cognac house to have been founded by a winegrower.

2) Rooted in family
Rémy Martin has been a family business for three centuries, run by two families who share the same values: the Rémy Martin and the Hériard Dubreuil.

3) Rooted in chalk
To craft its cognacs, Rémy Martin has made the radical choice of specializing in Cognac Fine Champagne in 1948. This means using grapes only from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, the two most sought after growing areas of the region, which chalky soils grow the most aromatic grapes.

4) Rooted in time
Rémy Martin already understood the magical effects of time: how a company, just like a spirit, can develop and grow finer with age.

5) Rooted in talent
Rémy Martin believes in entrepreneurship and in the talent of people, as it believes in the talent of nature

6) Rooted in harmony
Rémy Martin has a signature cognac style based on harmony thanks to the traditional use of distillation on the lees – with the residual yeast – in small copper stills.

Source: GhanaWeb


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