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In Charentes, the home of cognac, volume is predicted to climb 12 percent to 8.82 million hectoliters from 7.88 million hectoliters, with a warm and dry September halting the development … Continue reading

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Finest French Cognacs: Lheraud Cognac Is Produced In The Petite Champagne Region Of Cognac

May 1, 2011 · 4 Comments

Camus Cognac Features “Single-Growth Borderies” Produced In The “Smallest And Rarest” Cognac Growing Region, The Borderies, Where The Camus Family Is The Largest Landowner

Camus Cognac is now produced by the 5th generation since 1863. It is a top quality defined by high quality and great taste.

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Marketing Cognac: Hennessy Cognac Produced “A Very Special Experience” To Feature Hennessy V.S. Cocktails (Video)

Hennessy Cognac produced this video featuring “Music, dancing, all your best friends, Hennessy V.S cocktails, and a rooftop looking out on the lights of the city…”

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Cognac In France: The French Are Drinking Much Less Cognac Today As French Cognac Companies Find Success Selling 97% Of Production Abroad (Video)

The French are drinking less Cognac, but that doesn’t mean producers have fallen on hard times. On the contrary, they’ve found success abroad and export nearly 97 percent of what … Continue reading

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The Making Of Cognac: Blending The “Flavors And Aromas” Of Various Cognacs Produces The Finest French Cognacs (Video)

  Blending, or the combining of multiple ingredients, has always been part of the art of cooking. So too has it always been a part of wine making and the … Continue reading

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The Making Of Fine Cognacs: The Distillation Process Is The “Birth Of Cognac” (Video)

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