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French Cognacs: “The Historical Saga Of Hennessy” Is The “History Of Cognac” (Video)

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Marketing Cognac: Hennessy Cognac Produced “A Very Special Experience” To Feature Hennessy V.S. Cocktails (Video)

Hennessy Cognac produced this video featuring “Music, dancing, all your best friends, Hennessy V.S cocktails, and a rooftop looking out on the lights of the city…”

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Cognac In India: Louis Royer Cognac Sponsors Dinner Event In Chennai As It Enters Indian Market

“Cognac is the essence of the wine. We take the best from wine, concentrate flavours by distillation. To me a good cognac has to be very rich. It should have … Continue reading

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Drinking Cognac: Historian Jared Brown Talks To “The Drinks Business” About Enjoying The Great “Drinkability” Of Cognac At “Fine Wine Fair” In London (Video)

Drinks historian Jared Brown tells Alan Lodge of The Drinks Business about the opportunities for the Cognac category during the Fine Wine Fair in London, October 2010.

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Cognac Cocktails: “The Courvoisier Speakeasy” Is Featured At 2010 London Cocktail Week

In celebration of London Cocktail Week Courvoisier is hosting 2 punch events today and tomorrow. Both these cocktail events will be held at The Future Gallery where ground-breaking bar Raoul’s … Continue reading

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Cognac France: “Sunset Over The Vineyards Of Cognac” (Video)

“Sunset Over The Vineyards Of  Cognac” – Charente – September 2010

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The Finest French Cognacs: Kilian Hennessy (1907-2010) Dies At 103 In Saint-Brice, France

Kilian Hennessy, patriarch of the cognac company, has died at the age of 103, the mayor of the French town of Saint-Brice where he resided says. Hennessy, who was CEO … Continue reading

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