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Cognac France: “Sunset Over The Vineyards Of Cognac” (Video)

“Sunset Over The Vineyards Of  Cognac” – Charente – September 2010

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The Finest French Cognacs: Domaine Du Grollet In The Heart Of Charente (Video)

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The Poitou-Charentes Region In France Is Home To “Rolling Pastureland, Woodland, Hedges, Stone Walls And The Finest Spirit In The World, Cognac

For centuries local trade, especially the cognac from the vineyards that stud its sunny slopes, depended on the navigable river. At Rochefort, Louis XIV launched his warships into its waters. … Continue reading

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Finest French Cognacs: Otard Cognacs Feature Over 200 Years Of Cognac Production In A “Tear-Drop” Shaped Bottle

  With its long and eventful history stretching back over 200 years, Otard benefits from all its intrinsic advantages which go to make up a unique cognac:  200 years of … Continue reading

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History Of Cognac: Dutch Merchants Imported Charente “Brandy” In 16th Century As It Was “Concentrated”, Reducing Volume, And When Mixed With Water Produced “Brandywine” For Sailors

In the 17th century, the Dutch acquired a habit of importing the Charente vineyard’s products in the form of brandy, which meant a reduced cargo volume and was thus cheaper … Continue reading

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