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Experiencing Cognac, France: New Videos Unveil The Beauty And Flavors Of Cognac, The “Liqueur Of The Gods”

“Explore a world of flavors..” “Marvel over water…”  “Introduction to the liqueur of the Gods…” “Traveling in the heart of the vineyard…” “Cultivate the art and beauty…”

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The Town Of Cognac Is Located In The Poitou-Charentes Region In France, Known As “Cognac Country”, And Began As An Ancient Roman Trading Port (Video)

The name cognac is synonymous the world over with the finest French brandy but the town of Cognac was an important trading port for salt and local wine long before … Continue reading

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Finest French Cognacs: Maison Surrenne Cognacs Are Produced By Cognac’s Largest Remaining Family-Owned Business On The Banks Of The Charente River In Jarnac

“…our older rareties, such as: tonneau 1 (a blend of dozens of hundred-year-old petite champagne distillates aged together for 79 years), or the 1946 unblended grande champagne (produced more than … Continue reading

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Introduction To Cognac: The Charentes River And The Unique “Chalky” Soil Have Combined To Produce The World’s Best Spirit

Introduction to the famous region of Cognac. The Charentes River flows through the center of Cognac and is one of the primary reasons for Cognac being the spirit it is today.  Over 13 kilometers … Continue reading

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