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As I am passionate of cognac I am often fascinated by copper. However, one may find that there are different types of metal used in the production of cognac. I … Continue reading

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Cognac and Armagnac – It is Like Salt and Pepper

John W. Fischer in his blog published on November 5th 2011, gives us a rare explanation of what is cognac versus armagnac but also he offers an interesting view on … Continue reading

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Finest French Cognacs: A. De Fussigny XO Cognac Is Made In The Last Operating Distillery Located In The Town Of Cognac

A. de Fussigny XO Cognac ($110), an elegant union of Cognacs, with hints of dried fruit, licorice, hazelnut.

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The Making Of Fine Cognacs: The Distillation Process Is The “Birth Of Cognac” (Video)

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Fine French Cognacs: “Hennessy Savoir-Faire” Is A Video Tour Of The Cognac Distilling And Blending Tradition (Video)

The film, Hennessy Savoir-Faire, takes you on a journey through time to discover the craftsmanship and excellence of Hennessy cognac. From the harvesting of the grapes, to the ageing, tasting … Continue reading

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Cognac Croizet Distillery: The Archive Room And Distillery At Croizet Is A Veritable “Cognac Museum” Of 200 Years Of Cognac Production (Video)

The archive room and history of Cognac Croizet through to the cognac production process to a final tasting where xo’s and vsop’s are explained.  

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Cognac Distillation Process: The “Two-Stage” Distillation Is Comprised Of The “Brouillis”, Followed By “La Bonne Chauffe” (Animated Video)

June 7, 2010 · 2 Comments