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Why Is Cognac a Brandy of Choice?

Brandy is a broad overall category which includes all distilled products issued from fermented fruits. Hence, it includes sub-categories such as Armagnac, Calvados, Grapa, Pisco, Eau-de-Vie, … but also ‘Cognac’. … Continue reading

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What Makes Cognac Outstanding – A Perspective.

An interesting recent article from ‘The Star online magazine’ reports on Hennessy Cognac in Malaysia. I find this article pertinent as it reveals a set of perspectives on cognac which … Continue reading

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Marketing French Cognac: Remy Martin “V” Is A “Distilled Grape Spirit” Or “Eau De Vie” That Will Compete In The “Clear” Vodka/Gin Mixed Drink Market

While not utilizing the two-and-a-half years of aging required to make a Cognac, the company did follow many of the exacting methods it uses in making its other products, including … Continue reading

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The Winegrowers Of Cognac, France: Remy Martin Purchases “Eau De Vie” From Grande Champagne Winegrowers (Video)

Remy Martin Cognac features “Winegrower With Patrick Brisset”

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