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After George Clooney Tequila Casamigos, which he sold to Diageo for 1 billion dollars singer Drake is getting some ideas. Diageo is set to pay $700 million initially, with the … Continue reading

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Dr Dre will not have a Diamond called DIAMOND Dre, Perhaps a Cognac Dre!

It has been a while since I last heard about Dr DRE’s Cognac named ‘Aftermath’. I suppose Dr DRE could call his cognac ‘Cognac DRE’ or DRE Cognac if he … Continue reading

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Cognac is Becoming Mainstream – Hip Hop Hourah!!

“Cognac, it seems, is having a moment, and it’s making its move from rap lyrics and Mad Menboardrooms to the mainstream” is announcing Amalie Drury at the end of October 2011 … Continue reading

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Cognac In Hollywood: Comandon Cognac Sponsors The “NE-YO” LIBRA SCALE Album Release Party On Nov. 20 At “The Highlands” In Hollwood

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Cognac In Spain: Comandon Cognac Sponsors “Fat Joe” Concert And After Party In Barcelona On November 12

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Cognac In Hungary: Comandon Cognac Sponsors “Fat Joe & Fabulous” Concert And After Party In Budapest On November 11

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Cognac And Hip Hop: Dr. Dre To Introduce “Aftermath Cognac” With “Drinks Americas” In Next 60 Days

In the Drinks Americas Q4 earnings, which were released yesterday, the company said it would introduce Aftermath Cognac in the next 60 days. The production, supply and European distribution of … Continue reading

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