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Cognac Cocktails: The “Shooting Star Martini” Blends Courvoisier VS Cognac Wtih Fresh Fruit And Aromatic Bitters

Holidays are brighter with a Shooting Star Martini. Your guests will feel more festive after one taste of this delightful blend of Cognac, fresh fruit, and aromatic bitters. SHOOTING STAR … Continue reading

December 25, 2010 · 1 Comment

Cognac Cocktails: Hilton Hotels Rolls Out “Ten Lords A-Leaping” Merlot-Cognac Mixed Drink (Video)

Method: Dry shake (no ice!) 50ml Merlot red wine 15ml Martell VS cognac 15ml Chocolate liqueur (white) 10ml Grand Marnier 5ml cinnamon syrup Garnish: Orange zest with cloves Served in … Continue reading

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Cognac Cocktails: The Classic “Punch” Was Created By Sailors Who Combined “Citrus, Spirits (Brandy) And Spices” According To A New Book “Punch: The Delights (and Dangers) Of The Flowing Bowl” By David Wondrich

The winning team, Alex Kratena and Francesco Orifici from bar Artesian at the Langham Hotel in London, presented a punch that, among other things, called for Cognac infused with scorpions … Continue reading

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Drinking Cognac: Historian Jared Brown Talks To “The Drinks Business” About Enjoying The Great “Drinkability” Of Cognac At “Fine Wine Fair” In London (Video)

Drinks historian Jared Brown tells Alan Lodge of The Drinks Business about the opportunities for the Cognac category during the Fine Wine Fair in London, October 2010.

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Marketing Cognac: Courvoisier “Spirit Of Punch” Seeks To “Raise Profile Of Cognac As A Mixable Spirit” At London Heathrow Airport

Liquor supplier Beam Global Spirits & Wine has launched the Courvoisier Spirit of Punch initiative at London Heathrow airport terminal three to help raise the profile of cognac as a … Continue reading

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Cognac Cocktails: The “L’Shanah Tovah” Is A Jewish Mixed Cognac Drink That Highlights Pomegranate Liqueur

¬† The pomegranate carries a rich history of symbolism. In Judaism, the fruit signifies righteousness, and is often eaten in dishes on Rosh Hashana as a way of inviting those … Continue reading

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Cognac Cocktails: The Vieux Carre’ Cocktail

The Vieux Carr√© Cocktail 1/2 oz rye whiskey 1/2 oz cognac 1/2 oz dry vermouth 1/2 tsp Benedictine dash Peychaud bitters dash Angostura bitters Stir well with ice, strain into … Continue reading

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