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. Cognac yield down to 9.57 hectoliters of pure alcohol per hectare in 2012. 9.57 hectoliters/ha = 957 liters = 252 US Gallons of pure alcohol. . A vineyard producing … Continue reading

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The Finest French Cognacs: Producing Cognac Is “The Art Of Blending” (Video)

“All Cognac is brandy, but not all brandy is Cognac”, and the Cognac region of France is rightly famous for its brandy, a spirit made by double-distilling wine to create … Continue reading

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The Making Of Cognac: Blending The “Flavors And Aromas” Of Various Cognacs Produces The Finest French Cognacs (Video)

  Blending, or the combining of multiple ingredients, has always been part of the art of cooking. So too has it always been a part of wine making and the … Continue reading

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The Making Of Fine Cognacs: The Distillation Process Is The “Birth Of Cognac” (Video)

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The Finest French Cognacs: Hennessy Savoir Faire XO (Video)

Hennessy Savoir Faire XO Consumption Scenes Long Version

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Fine French Cognac: “Cognac De Luze -1822- Domaine Boinaud” (Video)

Cognac making process at the Distillerie Michel Boinaud: Harvest – Press – Double distilling – Aging – Blend and bottling the cognac De Luze. In the heart of cognac, the … Continue reading

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