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Sales Of Cognac: Pernod Ricard Reports Over 30% Growth Rates In China And India As U.S. Market Remains Flat

Luxury Drinks maker Pernod Ricard reported organic growth rates of over 30% in markets such as China and India, as part of its earnings Thursday. (In China, wholesalers have been … Continue reading

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World-Wide Cognac Sales: Premium French Cognacs Such As Pernod’s Martell Are Selling Well In Emerging Markets While U.S. Market Remains “Fragile”

    “People are coming back to premiumization,” Ron Anderson, Diageo’s chief customer officer, said in an interview July 15. “In the developing markets, we’re nearly back to where we … Continue reading

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Camus Cognac Looks To Expand Into California And United States Markets

“The brand is very strong in Asia, something we can leverage in California,” said Camus (no relation, by the way, to the existentialist writer). The United States is the world’s … Continue reading

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Fine French Cognacs: Weak Euro Will Help Spur Sales Of Cognacs In The U.S. And China, The Top Two Markets

“…cognacs are all produced in France, a country that no longer drinks very much cognac. Instead, demand in China and the US is booming…” (From an article)   The euro … Continue reading

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